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We are a sustainable apparel brand based in Sydney Australia. This is our story and what we are here for.

It started with the need of expressing our love of nature, combined with the will to help protect the environment. From our place, with the tools we had. In the beginning just with pencil and paper, then evolving to tees. And together with our friends we could carry our message to every corner of the world. Today we are committed to producing high quality, durable products in collaboration with communities, to give the love back to our home the earth by generating positive actions and supporting environmental endeavours.

Since day one we have been dedicated to research; questioning the paradigm and implementing sustainable practices to manufacture our products. Minimising our use of natural resources as much as possible. To be responsible for what we produce, socially and environmentally. We put our best effort in quality, to make long lasting products. We offer repairs and ways to extend the life of our products and not to be wasteful.


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