The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is so big that it can be seen from outer space. It is the largest living structure on the planet: 2300 kilometres long and 225 kilometres across, with about 900 islands and 3000 coral reefs. The reef is special for many reasons, including the shape of its floor – a shallow shelf that drops down steeply 2000 metres  or more – and it is an ecosystem like no other: life here can evolve 50 per cent faster than in other marine environments. It contains 450 or more different species of hard coral. But a lot of coral has already been lost, and if the ocean warms by the accepted lethal measurement of two degrees, then most of it will die.

In the three part series ‘Great Barrier Reef’, Sir David Attenborough ventured to record-breaking depths of 300 metres in a submersible bubble fitted with cameras used to create a virtual-reality experience. Shot around Ribbon and Osprey reef as well as Lizard and Heron islands, the visit marked a return to the place he ventured to 60 years ago. Since then however, he warned the explosion in the world’s population had left many species and natural icons in danger.

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