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love, respect, action. repeat.


We are inspired by the endless beauty of the and diversity of the natural world, it’s wild beings and the words of the first naturalists such as Humboldt, Darwin or Thoreau. We love nature, we love being out there, we love and respect all life on earth.


Question everything: Search for the truth and real consequence of your actions. Do what demands less from the environment. Be responsible.

Do what you believe, but do it: Lead by example. Know who you are working with, how the resources are taken and produced. Sustainable from crop to product. Develop long lasting products. Repair. Reuse. Up-cycle. Keep on using. Don’t waste. Be transparent.

Give love back: When we do, we take, so we need to give back. Give back to the community. Give back to the environment. Join activists and environmental movements. Collaborate with not for profit organizations who are working for the wellbeing of the planet, wildlife and communities. 1% of profit to go to environmental endeavours.

Influence: Do good. Lead the way by example. Be open.




Its about sharing, collaborating with friends and giving love back to the earth. 

The Chris O'Brien Life house - Art Auction: We were invited to participate of an Art Auction organized by Simon Bloomfield with the aim to raise funds for 'The Chris O'Brien Life house'. Señor Seagull donated "All that glitters is gold", a very special T as it uses more than 12 color passes something rare for screen printing.

Sea Shepherd Australia - Workshop: As part of our campaign 'Oceans' we organized a screen printing workshop. The participants where introduced to the basics techniques, going through the process from design to production. At the end they end up printing their own designs on a 100% organic cotton tee. All the funds where donated to Sea Shepherd Australia, organization we admire.

Sea Shepherd Australia - Tee: Finally at the end of 2016, to complement our summer collection we created 'Home Sweet Oceans' tee in collaboration with Sea Shepherd's. The aim of the project was to create awareness and support their current "Apex Harmony Campaign" that protects shark species.

Señor seagull